What Happened to the Republican Party?

Alton Chase

The Grand Old Party (GOP) had an auspicious beginning in 1854 as an anti-slavery political party and their first presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln became the 16th President of America. Black American’s played an important role in electoral politics and throughout history names such as Frederick Douglas, W.E.B. Dubois, Booker T. Washington and Marcus M. Garvey rate among the salient black political, social and economic leaders.

The assassination of President Lincoln and the name of his assassin, John Booth are etched in primary school history books, over the nefarious and brutal background of the plantation enslavement system. While the tragedy of the president’s assassination remains the main event in the administration of President Lincoln; perhaps more important are some details associated with his administration, and the consequential aftermath which witnessed his Vice President Andrew Johnson being impeached by the House of Representative but acquitted by one vote in the senate. Vice President Andrew Johnson was a prominent Democrat, therefore President Lincoln was thinking strategically with respect to the slavery and race questions. But Andrew Johnson was pro slavery at heart and had no inhibitions in leading with his heart, and the end of the brief period of Reconstruction ended with the election of 1876 of Republican Rutherford Hayes.

A new Republican Party was born in 1964 with a different public position and political application with respect to the ‘race’ question. As a political matter of fact the Republican Party changed their political position on the issue of race. Specifically, the Republican Party was founded as a diverse, progressive, eclectic party as its position on slavery was ‘radical.’ However, in the new incarnation, the Republican Party in 1964 transitioned the party to a social-conservative political brand. On the other hand, the Democrat Party prior to 1964 was a social-conservative party controlled by the southern wing of the party.

Lt. Gov. Mary Donahue
(Gov. Pataki)

During 1964 and 1965 the political momentum of the civil rights movement inspired and organized electorally by liberal wing of the party succeed enacting the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts, and defeated the southern ‘blue-dog’ Democrats and wrested political control of the party. From then and currently, the liberal and progressive wings of the party remain in relative control of the national party. Concomitantly, the social-conservative Democrats by and large infiltrated the Republican Party and rebranded it to a social-conservative ideology where the party remains.

On balance, the liberal and progressive wing of the Democrat Party, with the help of the civil rights movement’s ground troops helped sustain control of the party. There was a brief political interlude in the 1992, with President Clinton by way of the Democratic Leadership Conference (DLC). The Clinton Democrats moved to the center and President Obama essentially continued a centered political trajectory. But the political fortunes of the civil rights movement in terms of the storied victories, in civil rights, voting rights, affirmative action, etc., they have been significantly cutback, and sophisticated voter suppression techniques and tactics rule the present political day. This political line will be explored going forward in another venue…

The political advent of President Donald J. Trump began his politics with the bigoted race issue questioning the birth and citizenship of President Obama. During his campaign and administration a range of race based political machinations persisted and bigotry remains the outstanding feature of the Trump administration. As the President, Trump is automatically the titular head of the Republican Party and POTUS overwhelmed the Republican National Committee (RNC), the Senate and House of Representatives. Hence, the foreseeable political future for the administration and the party are currently facing a dubious and uncertain political outcome. Some astute observers argue that Trump is a symptom of decades of a decline Republican Party due to county leadership malfeasance.

L-R Dawson Ass. Potts Ass. Rodriguez House. Labron Senate (Harlem, Bronx, Queens

Bigotry and the application of political wedge issues is the intersection that linked the emerging Trump, political phenomenon and the Republican Party’s malfeasant political county structure. Some Republican Party members argue that the binding element uniting President Trump with the Republican Party is the GOP’s latent affinity to racial dog whistles and overt discrimination. Currently, unfolding political events portend an uncertain outcome for POTUS. Likewise the Republican Party, such as it is, must undertake corrective political action in preparation for the new demographic also known as the browning of America.

Worst case scenario is that the president has between 2 and 4 years left to his administration, than he is history. However, each day there is an opportunity for POTUS to precipitate a catastrophic event with global implications. On the other hand, notwithstanding what may or may not occur in the international and global context, the ‘America’ project and the association with God given liberty may be experiencing an existential threat, as the present danger is clear…

Beverly Prince M.D. Joe Holland Atty. David Gunn Chief Staff Con. Jack Kemp (African American GOP Taskforce

The Republican Party is one component of the two party structures that animate Assembly Districts lines with district leaders that the elective process in United States of America. Therefore, in the unlikely event that the name of the party is changed, the Assembly District structure that facilitates them will remain. The political malfeasance occurs at the election primary level as primaries elections may or may not occur, and district leaders are appointed and anointed without having knowledge of an unseen primary election process. District leadership contests if they occur, are conducted in the off-year election, and the general election occurs on every two (2) years, but district leader elections occur on the odd year. Moreover, the general election is publicity contest and has little to do with real-time political power in a political party. The HOW TOO is a political trade secret for the elite…

Alton Chase former state senatorial candidate on Bronx district leader said the political malfeasance occurs during the primary election process and the appointment of district leaders. The backdrop is the off-year primary election where political power is exercised and deals are made. By the time the general election is held the power moves are already made and the general election contest is between ‘exhibit A and exhibit B, based on the ‘issues of the day.’ Everything of substance occurs in an esoteric environment (primary election system) the results of which are introduced to the voting public in the general election.

Alton Chase said, County chairmen in Harlem honorable Roy Goodman and honorable Guy Vella, in the Bronx, both double as Senators in state legislature. In the backdrop of the overwhelming numerical advantage that the Democratic Party holds in the city the county leaders have compromised their district leader infrastructure, which effectively marginalized party growth in the black and minority community. As a consequence, Senators Goodman and Vella, virtually never had to deal with strong reelection Democrat Party opposition.”

Congressman Charles Rangel Dean of the New York Democrat Party Delegation-

He said: “But the political coup degas was the fact that Congressman Charles Rangel enjoyed a 30 plus year career as the head Negro in charge of black Democrats, and the defecto leader of the GOP congressional ballot in Harlem. Harlem, New York has been the center of African American political activity since the legionary “Renaissance” representing the Harlem’s of America. The Harlem’s of America are predominantly registered in the Democratic Party, and the popular political narrative is the tribal juxtaposition with the Republicans as friends against enemies.”

The Republican Party has never been competitive in inner cities and urban centers for subjective political outcomes. This fact may be a real-time political proposition! A cursory analysis and assessment of the ultimate results of the civil rights movement of the 19th century in comparison to the civil rights movement of the 20th century yields interesting and noteworthy constitutions.

In both instances, 19th and 20th century civil rights movements, the advances and myriad victories in each century remain impressive and unprecedented. Equally noteworthy is the fact that in the wake of the political and social advances were ultimately nullified, pulled back, or neutralized by sophisticated politics at the end of the day. During the 19th century the manifold political, economic and social advances were steamrolled by Jim Crow Laws, and Black Codes, the were brutally imposed on black Americans and remained in place until the 20th centuries modern civil rights movement.

Following the political and social advances gained by the modern civil rights movement, the same nefarious odious political machinations and sequence of events occurred. The Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts of 1964 and 1965 respectfully were effectively nullified by the Supreme Court in 2013. And Affirmative Active remediation is all but gone. In both centuries the ultimate end to the impressive civil rights gains has proven to be illusion than substance.  The outcome of both “successful” civil rights movements had the same result. However one difference is worth noting is the fact the 19th century movement occurred under the auspices of the Republican Party, whereas the modern civil rights movement was the political/social brainchild of the Democrat Party.

As the 2nd decade of the 21st century is drawing to a close looking at the previous two (2) century with a critical eye moving forward is a healthy exercise… Recently a prominent person in the civil rights leadership orthodoxy suggested that America and black folk need another civil rights movement. There is great irony in that suggestion…

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