Road Ahead

HARLEM WEEKLY July 4, 1984

The road ahead for the Republican Party in New York in 1984 and beyond held much potential. The grassroots activist wing of the GOP achieved substantial inroads within the city and state challenging the political status quo, during the maiden voyage of their entry into Republican electoral politics. In his capacity of coordinator of the Reagan-Bush campaign in New York State the grassroots activist initiative animated the local body politic as they achieved apparent political success. During 1985 they managed black GOP candidates in Harlem for the state legislature against a favorite son candidate in an unprecedented Republican v. Democrat Party local contest which set a tone going forward. The grassroots campaign attracted the attention of GOP NYS Senate Majority Leader Honorable Warren Anderson who embrace the emergence of black Republican competition in local elections and reached out to the new black electoral phenomenon

L-T Gary James, Angela Sailor Pres. Bush Aid, President G.W. Bush

During 1986 Gary James was tapped by the New York Republican State Committee the coordinate the campaign of Gubernatorial Candidate the late Justice Andrew O’Rourke. James managed the campaigns of black and Hispanic GOP candidates simultaneously. James was the delegate from Harlem, during Congressman’s Jack Kemp’s run for the presidential nomination. The grassroots activist team continued their electoral work with local candidates through 1992, the George H.W. Bush’s defeat. The group continued work in the city and in 2000, and the election of George W. Bush. Bush Aid Ms. Angela Sailor was the interlocutor for the Harlem GOP during the two (2) terms.

Subsequently, the Harlem Republican Party contingent changed priorities. Having generated real-time political success with Republican Party officials in the New York Republican State Committee and the National Republican Committee, the experience generated a sense of self satisfaction. On the other hand, GOP county leaders in the Bronx and Harlem specifically have perverted the integrity of the party by a structured strange bed-fellow relationship with the Democratic Party. Specifically the Political career of retired Congressman Charles Rangel dean of the New York Congressional Delegation has run for election from 1970 to the turn of the century. Accordingly, Congressman Charles Rangel must be counted among the most prominent Harlem Republicans.

Currently, the road ahead for the Harlem GOP growth potential is dubious due to an obvious upstate v. downstate dichotomy…

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James relocated to St. Croix, in the Virgin Islands, the birthplace of his beloved father and paternal line dated from the late 1790s. In 1825 Gary’s great, great grandfather Johannes James was born into the slavery system on Estate Hermitage in the Danish West Indies, now known as the Virgin Islands of the United States of America. Gary relocated to the island of St. Croix in 2009, and in 2013 “Transfer Day” was released to the public. Currently doing comprehensive research on the African Diaspora and the framework of New World development, and is working other literary projects. Based preliminary research there are no Republican Party elected officials. Hence, there is no discernable road ahead…